Monday, March 1, 2010

Good Neighbor Day

Never heard of GOOD NEIGHBOR DAY? That's because I made it up! This will be my third year to participate in good neighbor day. The first year it happened by accident. I made a peach pie and my husband made a negative comment about it. When he came home from work the next day, he was looking around the kitchen...

Me - "What are you looking for?" (I already knew:)
Raymond - "The pie, you ate all the rest of it!"
Me - "No, I gave it to Mr. Dale. You said you didn't like it."
Raymond - "I never said I didn't like it, I said I thought it was a little runny."
Me - "That means you didn't like it" (This was during our second year of marriage, my first year as a stay-at-home wife)
Raymond - "That doesn't mean I didn't like it, I just prefer my pies with a little more crust and a little less juice."
Me - "Oh, sorry."

I had packed up the pie in a disposable container, marked it with a magic marker - GOOD NEIGHBOR DAY!, and given it to one of our neighbors.

The next year in July I baked some peanut butter brownies, oatmeal raisin cookies (Raymond's favorite), and chocolate chip cookies. A family with three young children had just moved in and I thought it would be a great way to meet them, but I wanted to give Mr. Dale (our neighbor to the left and a widower) some cookies too. (Mr. Dale hates chocolate, so he only got brownies and oatmeal raisin cookies.) I put the cookies and brownies in a Ziploc bag for each person, put the baggies in a paper sack labeled GOOD NEIGHBOR DAY, and put a tract and invitation to our church in each bag. Aaliyah and I got dressed, we got the dog, then went to deliver the goodies.

GOOD NEIGHBOR DAY has been a great tool for us to give the gospel to our neighbors, make friendships with them, find out their interests, introduce them to our pit bull (she looks mean, but she really is a sweetheart - plus they are a little more forgiving when she goes on one of her barking tirades), and recently - to show off our little gift Aaliyah.

This year GOOD NEIGHBOR DAY for us will be the first day of Spring (March 20th) because -Lord willing- we will be moving at the end of April. I haven't decided what I am going to do yet. Any suggestions?

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