Monday, August 12, 2013

Feeling FAT and LAZY!!!

Today I am 37 weeks and 4 days!  My official due date is September 9th; but I am asking the Lord for Baby to come on August 30th.  (That is the weekend of Labor Day)  Well, as the title of this post states, I am feeling very fat and lazy.  Getting out of bed at night multiple times to go to the restroom is no longer a joy.  I say that very seriously because with my last pregnancy I had to roll out of an air bed and walk downstairs to the restroom about three times a night for about three months.  I am so thankful to have a restroom right next door! 

Feeling fat not necessarily because I have gained more weight than I should have; but because I have been craving AND EATING a whole bunch of junk food...chocolate, ice cream, fried okra, fried zucchini, etc.  Feeling lazy because it has been a while since I exercised!  I remember when I was pregnant with Aaliyah I would walk about twenty miles a week and go bike riding quite often. 
With Cassidy I didn't ride my bike; but I did walk about fifteen to twenty miles a week, in fact the day before I had her I completed a five mile walk.  I think I may have walked about five miles (on purpose) the whole month of July!

Well, I am purposing to walk at least a mile tonight and do my pelvic rocks.  I will try to continue until our little Treasure arrives. 

Until Next Time,


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