Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's Either Me or Them!

Praise the Lord we have been living in the parsonage for a total of two whole months now! It is not quite "home" yet because we have a lot left to do by way of cleaning, organizing, and decorating; but we are enjoying living in a real house; but I must say that seeing mice run around you house is NOT fun.

"It's Either ME or THEM!!!"  This is what I felt like saying to my husband last week when I saw another mouse run through my kitchen.  Two weeks ago one even ran across my foot!  My husband and I have very different opinions about how one should view having mice in your house when you live in the country. (We live between three huge farm fields.)   He says it is inevitable; I say...You wanna bet!

I am happy to report that to date Nikitta has killed two (Who knew our American pit bull terrier is a cat-dog!!)!  She is earning her keep and I must say she has earned a lot more treats from her mommy  recently. But after some research and some cleverly placed traps we have caught eight mice- two baby ones have escaped. We bought traps because Raymond didn't want to poison the poor little mice. This way we catch (using dog food as mouse bait) them and then Raymond empties all the traps in a field across town and everybody is happy.  It has been three days since I have seen any mice; but I know they will come; so I am looking in to a beeping device that is supposed to repel them.  I will let you know how it works.

Until next time,


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