Saturday, February 27, 2010


If you, or someone you love has dandruff, try this. Combine 3 TBS. of your favorite conditioner + 1 TBS brown sugar. Apply to your scalp sectionally and massage. Then shampoo with a mild shampoo. Feels great!!! (especially if someone else does it for you)

If you have a dander problem, here's some advice: 1. Switch to a sulfate (laureth/lauryl) free shampoo - Organix and Burts Bees are two common ones. Switch even if you don't have dandruff!! Google the affects of that stuff and you will see why. Some of you may think this is gross, but I "shampoo" with Apple Cider Vinegar once a week for three weeks, then use my homemade shampoo the fourth week.

After I had Aly I lost just about all the hair around my temples. Two months later I went to the hairdresser and sat under a hooded dryer. This caused heat damage to that area of my scalp. Shortly thereafter I discovered I had a dandruff problem - but only in that area. I use the above recipe every other week, shampoo, then apply my leave-in conditioner. I've done this for a month and a half now and the problem is almost gone. For all of us "Nappies", jojoba and virgin coconut oil 50/50 make a great scalp oil recipe.



Jessica Curtis said...

I'll have to try the brown sugar scrub on my daughter. She has had a severely dry scalp since birth. Any recommendations on what to wash toddlers'/babies hair with? I have used ACV on me, but scared to use it on them because don't want it to get in their eyes. (P.S. can't get Burt's Bees or stuff like that here, unfortunately.)

It's Tinyla said...

I apoligize for not responding sooner. I recommend using a good conditioner as a shampoo for babies. That is what I do for Ally and it works well. I was making her shampoo; but now (because I am a bit lazy) I use a conditioner I found at Trader Joes. It is organic and it cost me about $2.50 for a huge bottle.


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