Friday, October 25, 2013

Our "New Normal"

It is hard for me to believe too!  Yes, I am not the mother of three children...and one of them is a boy.  While I had about six months to prepare myself for welcoming Raymond DeSean  into our home ( I found out his sex, but kept it a secret for those six months), I didn't know what to expect.  I feel pretty comfortable with rearing girls.  A boy is a whole 'nother ball we say it here in Northeast Arkansas.

Speaking of sayings in Northeast Arkansas... My little Aaliyah has developed a twang and I am not sure if I like it.  She doesn't take a bath, she takes a "bayeth".  It is not that, it is "they'at".  etc. etc.  Even though her father and I correct her every chance we get, I am not sure that she hears the difference.  What is a mother to do!?!

It poses a little problem while I am trying to teach her to read.  I checked out Hooked on Phonics from the library about a month before DeSean was born and we began the program.  She is doing very well with it and has about two lessons left.  Today I believe I will check out level two, as well as Hooked on Math.

Next year I plan to begin the Abeka curriculum for K-5; but for now I think this is working great for us.

Homeschooling mother of three children under the age of five...Life is great; but tiring! 
First attempt at family photo - removed Niki because she was really blurry.

Second attempt  - love Aaliyah's face

Third and final attempt...mainly because DeSean decided to wake up and take care of a little business on Daddy's lap! The diaper caught it all.  Praise the Lord because my husband does not do bodily fluids, and dry cleaning isn't cheap. LOL

Until next time,


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