Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ressurection Sunday

We LOVE celebrating the Ressurection of our Savior on Easter morning! Something about Easter every year just make me want to get an early start to the day...believe me - that is saying A LOT!  Here are a few pics from our Easter.

Ten Minute Challenge!

10 Things I can do in 10 minutes!

1. The girls hair - 10 minutes each!

2. Tidy my home.  Often if it's been a busy day - my home reflects that...so I will set the timer to alarm when my husband is scheduled to get off work.  When it sounds I give each of the girls a job, re-start the timer for 10 minutes and I start a 10 minute cleaning blitz.  This way when Daddy gets home the house looks somewhat peaceful.

3. A workout.  I love the knock-out body kickboxing version from the 10 minute solutions workout series. See their website HERE.

4. Make a smoothie.  Often I do this directly after my workouts.

trimhealthymama.com website

5.  Clean my bathroom.  It doesn't take long for this room especially to become a mess.

6.  Fold a load of laundry.

7.  Read a book with the kids.

8.  Call or write a note to a friend.  I am horrible when it comes to keeping in touch.  This is my new challenge for myself.  It really has helped, except in yesterday's case...I called three friends and no one was home.

9. Walk my dog.  Exercise for her and a breath of fresh air for me.


10.  Blog!  Fun, Fun, Fun.  Write a post and read a couple from others' blogs.
Couldn't resist...This is an old photo of me and Aaliyah that Raymond took.
Until next time,


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