Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Before I could finish praying...

Praise the Lord!!! This week we have been experiencing computer/internet/printer problems. NO FUN! Thus I had to resort to going to the library for all my internet needs. Well, there was an important document that was emailed to us that my husband needed to fill out pronto. I had a pocket full of change and figured it would be enough; but I was wrong. I pushed print and they were asking me for $1.80. I counted my change and only came up with $1.79. I knew there was a dime on the floorboard of the van, but it was very cold outside (preparing to snow - freezing cold rain), and I was feeling sort of lazy and didn't want to walk ALL THE WAY :0 downstairs to get it, so I prayed...Lord, could you please give me a penny on the ...I looked down, and guess what I saw under my neighbor's chair. 1 cent!!! I don't know why, but I got so excited. I had been having sort of a rough week. When I arrived at home I told my husband about it. Guess what he said. Tinyla!!! You should have asked for $100. (to which I responded) But I didn't need $100, I only needed 1 cent!!!

1 comment:

raising3princesses said...

that's wonderful! I wouldn't have thought of the $100 till afterwards though!


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