Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ladies Bible Study

In September I began to have a ladies Bible study the first Monday night of every month.  The first meeting covered the basics of Christianity (Biblical Salvation, Baptism, Giving, Fasting, etc.).  I have twelve topics I would like to discuss with our ladies including the following:

1.  Christianity 101
2.  I'm Glad I'm a woman (Our role as defined in the Bible)
3. Child Rearing 101
4.  Women's issues (what does the Bible say about abortion, birth control, bitterness, etc.

For some reason the Lord just kept putting it on my heart to go directly to the importance of eating together as a family.  We watched the majority of the video about (The Family Meal Table with Nancy Campbell) and discussed the benefits of eating together as a family.  We didn't quite finish all the material, so this past Monday we completed the study.  We discussed table setting and the importance of what you put on the plates of those you love.  To be honest with you; I was quite shocked to find out the lack of knowledge that we as women  - including myself - have about basic nutrition.  A couple of months back I did a post about reading food labels.  This was the beginning of my "official" study of nutrition.  To be honest, I have had a lot of fun with this. I hope to share some of what I learned with you all; but for now I just wanted to recommend Mrs. Nancy's video.  You can purchase it from her website .  Between this post and the next, what are some benefits that you can think of to support eating together as a family around the table?

I copied this quote from the Above Rubies  website.  Thought it might be a blessing to you all!


There is no more demanding work in all the world,

no more awe-inspiring job description than raising godly seed.

It will challenge all the genius, talent and grace

that any human being could possess…

It is the highest calling any woman can enter.

Walter J. Chantry

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Home Alone!

Praise the Lord!!!  We came home Saturday night to an empty church.  It felt good...until about 10:30.  I felt a little strange to be in bed reading alone.  Raymond was studying, Aaliyah was asleep, and my two little friends who liked to bring me a HUGE pile of books to read to them right before bedtime were in their own home.  Then I got a huge smile on my face imagining them taking the books to their mom instead!  I rolled over and finished reading my own book.   Life is great!!! 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Guests part three

So they found a home, have signed the lease, moved their furniture in; but still are with us.  Why?  Because the electric company turned off the electricity and won't be able to come out until Tuesday or Friday to turn it back on.  Let's hope it is Tuesday; but if it's Friday....I will be quoting a lot of scripture to myself about loving our neighbors and such!  Not that I haven't enjoyed our guests; but too many women in the kitchen is never good!  Praise the Lord for my Beloved who is making the most of this opportunity to be a blessing to others.  I need to be more like him!

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