Thursday, May 26, 2016

So What's been going on in my life since February?....Plenty!
Most recently I have been trying to finish up school with the older three.  I teach Aaliyah 5 days a week, Cassidy 4 days a week, and DeSean 3 days a week... when he lets me get away with it ( He LOVES school!).So much has happened during this school year that we became quite a bit behind schedule.  We should finish up just in time for the girlie's birthdays in June if I add one day on to each of their routines.
Also, it's planting time for the garden.  I spend an hour or two in the garden almost everyday.  I really enjoy gardening and this year I have tired to incorporate it into the kids lessons.  We also have decided to raise chickens through the 4-H program in our town.  When we first got them them they were SO cute...but now 2 weeks later...they are not so cute.  Their feathers and color is beginning to come in and I guess they are starting to establish a pecking order so they "fight" almost constantly.
Of course I am enjoying having little Rayanna around.  She is a delightful, chatty little thing who loves the attention of her siblings.  When she finds herself alone, she lets us know that someone needs to come and entertain her.  Aaliyah reads her stories, Cassidy sings for her, and Raymond DeSean jumps, hops, or whatever else he can think of for her.

In the church, as a Pastor's wife, the Lord is teaching me to love our people as they are...not as I wish them to be.  Sometimes we think that someone should know better than to ____________, but they evidently don't...and it is ok because as 1 Corinthians 13 teaches us- Love is patient, kind, and forgiving.
The Beckles 2016

A common sight each Sunday night.

I bet he thinks its OK to break the rule because he can't read.

I start seeds in egg cartons then plant them in the garden when they have 3 leaves.


Aaliyah and Cassidy

The chicks arrive

Grandma Beckles pays a visit

The kids watching Mama and Cassidy work in the garden

Fun day at the Arboretum

Me: why did you take your clothes off?
Him; I have to go poop!
The joys of potty training!!!

I hope this little update finds you all well and busy in your castles.
Until next time,


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