Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hair loss and Hormones

I have posted about this before, so lets just consider this an update.  After I have a baby I always loose a lot of hair, mainly around my temples...I am talking slick bald like a baby's bottom.  I usually wear headbands or hats to cover it.  I thought it was just genetics because my aunt who nursed her babies experienced the same thing;  but I may have found the culprit. 

I decided to make it a matter of prayer and about two months after I had DeSean I went into the health food store and told the lady my issue.  She said it sounded like a thyroid problem and recommended I take Kelp supplements (I already had some kelp powder at home!)  I don't know if this was the total problem for sure; but you can see a huge difference.  The first picture is after it started to grow back.  The second shows how much fell out altogether after I started using the kelp.
2011 about six months after Cassidy was born.

2014 five months after DeSean was born.
Hope this helps somebody.
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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you all and your loved ones are doing well.  I am enjoying my Valentine's day. 

How do you like my photo for the back cover of my book?  I had about 15 to choose from and this I thought made me look "approachable" and happy.  I had intended to straighten my hair then curl it; but I am glad I didn't because it was extremely windy and cold that day so I am sure I would have looked a mess! 
Hubby and kiddos are doing well.  So thankful for the family God has given me.  Raymond and I were talking the other night about important choices that we have made in the past that we are glad about.  Both of us concluded that it seems that some of the small ones have turned out to be the most important. 

My challenge for you today is to make good small choices!  They make a big impact on your life in the long run!


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