Saturday, March 27, 2010

What is Oxytocin?

Why do they call the act of marriage (aka. sex) lovemaking?, What is one of the benefits of nursing that has nothing to do with the baby's physical wellbeing? and, How are these two subjects connected. The hormone oxytocin is the answer. Oxytocin is the pleasure/bond forming hormone that your body releases during the act of marriage. It is the hormone that signals your milk to let down when its time for you to nurse your baby (or even when you hear your baby cry), and it is also responsible for signaling your body to start contractions. You may have heard of pitocin. Pitocin or Syntocin are artificial forms of this hormone. The body of a woman is so amazing. Even more amazing is the God Who created the bodies of women. When you marry a man and get to enjoy the pleasures that God meant only to be enjoyed by a married man and woman, the woman's body releases this hormone which causes her to form a bond with this man and to love him. (This is one of the reasons why casual sex for women, which is being pushed so hard by the feminists, will never work! There is no oxytocin for men.) This may also be why that young lady you know who is being mistreated by that man (whom she is not married to) and she will not leave him.

Also, babies who are breast fed will form a bond with their mothers that cannot be duplicated with bottle fed babies. I do realize that some women are not able to nurse for whatever reason. If you are one of these women - be sure that you are truly in that small percentage of women who cannot nurse-before you switch to formula. Most of the time its a latching issue that causes our problems. See a lactation consultant; then enjoy being a wonderful mom that has to bottle feed that beautiful baby of yours!

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