Thursday, July 28, 2016

Grace Under Fire!

Hello Friends!

You may be wondering why I have entitled this post "Grace under Fire!". It is because I believe we truly have been under attack from the enemy; but no worries! God has truly given grace!!!
During this Summer when the temperatures have been averaging about 105 degrees, our ac has been out.  When I say the AC has been out...that is exactly what I mean!  The churches AC was out (all three units!), our home's AC was out, and our vehicles AC was out all at the same time.  The grace of God has been evident because on the day that the AC went out in our home a big storm rolled in and stayed for 3 days.  The afternoon of day three, the repair man was able to come and fix it. As he was leaving (I kid you not) the sun broke through the clouds! What a blessing!

Many of our church members are going through storms in their lives.  As the Lord brings it to mind, please say a prayer for the people of Lighthouse Baptist church. I am not at liberty to go into detail, but it always amazes me when several families seem to go through the same exact trial at the same time.

Last of all, we have an injured chick.   She just happens to be one of the five we have named out of 18.  One day she just started walking strangely.  She has digressed to a state of lameness.  She eats and drinks and such fine; but she cannot even stand. She has been ill for 3 weeks and now has begun to scoot around. I have researched a lot online and I believe she has a disorder called perosis that comes from a lack of magnesium in the mothers diet. Perosis causes chicks to have a vitamin B deficiency and manifests usually between 2 to 8 weeks.  I could be completely wrong; but in the meantime we are giving her vitamins and I will continue to nurse her as long as possible. Truth be told, I can't see myself or my husband slaughtering/culling her for food.  I'm sure its a mental thing that I will have to get over; but I do not look forward to that part of raising hens. We are looking forward to all the eggs we expect come September, but have no intention of eating any of the chickens.
Injured "Blonde"

Cassidy and one of her favorite past times

Rayanna and her friend at church

Aaliyah holding "Pooh"

Raymond DeSean helping with the corn
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