Saturday, March 6, 2010


This post if primarily for us "Nappy headed" women, but you sistas of the fairer, straighter haired race may enjoy it too:).

On the side bar I have posted some pictures of my hair and its growth within the past year. In a nutshell, my hair was thinning and never really seemed to be able to grow more than six inches or so. I started thinking, why is it that a good God would allow every race, but one, to grow their hair long. It didn't make sense. So I began to research and I found out that hair is hair is hair. Every person's maximum length potential is different and is genetically influenced; BUT what you do to it (or don't do to it) can greatly influence that length. I decided to stop perming - aka relaxing - my hair and in one years time...voila! I will be posting some tips and ideas about hair on future blogs. For now, I hope the pictures will be sufficient.

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