Thursday, March 21, 2013

Potty Training Experience

The other day we were shopping  at Hobby Lobby- mainly me - and Aaliyah had to go to the bathroom. I asked Raymond to please take her because I was "on the clock". So he did. They enter the bathroom.
Aaliyah: Daddy, I have to poo-poo.
Daddy: Ok.
Aaliyah: It is good for you to poo-poo, right?
(Man in the next stall laughs hysterically)
Daddy: No talking in the bathroom, Aaliyah!

P.S.  on another note  of the same song - We have officially began potty training Cassidy.  She does pretty well usually.  The only problem I am facing now is that she waits until after she potties in her panties, then she tells me she needs to potty.  Praise the Lord we don't have carpet!!!

Until next time,


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