Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Words of Wisdom from RDB

Here is a little tid bit of advice from my wonderful and wise husband Raymond. If you are a married person, be careful about watching a lot of movies, shows, etc., and reading books that tell the tale of two people meeting, dating (courting, whatever), then getting married (if they even do that), and then end leading you to believe that they go on to live happily ever after. If you are going to watch a movie,show, read a book; it is better if it is about people who marry, then overcome struggles and obstacles together. Why? Because doing the other can cause you to become discontent with your life as a married person. So often we get caught up in the story and excitment of meeting new people and doing new things; we neglect or take for granted those who have been in our lives and so important to us. They become "boring" because they are not new, not romantic enough, or not exciting. Live today with the ones you love to its fullest; don't let the devil rob you of the joy of everyday living with the idea that somebody else has it better - especially if that somebody else lives in Hollywood!

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