Friday, August 10, 2012

Please Pray for Newport...

Deaf man named Kenneth that has been attending our servies.
We just returned home from a wonderful vacation to some good news and some bad.  The good news...our people were faithful even though we were not there!  It is good to know that there are people in  Lighthouse Baptist Church that are in it for Jesus and not for us. Even the deaf man that has been attending our services for the past two months came and sat in the services with no interpreter.   Our fish are still alive...and mysteriously we have four new {baby} fish; and our garden survived {for the most part...we lost our pumpkin plants to vine beetles}.  The bad news....four young people died here in Newport.  Three of them were babies.  One baby died of SIDS, two died in hot vehicles (one accidentally...I'll explain later and one accidentally on purpose - the parents left the child in the car to punish himwhile they went shopping in Wal-mart.).  The accidental death happened when a man went to work, locked up his vehicle and came home at the end of his eight hour work day at the hospital only to find out that his eighteen month old was in the back seat of his car asleep in the carseat.   The other person that died was a friend of one of our members and an aunt to another.  The young lady (age 27) was Saved and Baptised {at a different church} on Sunday and never woke up on Monday.  That is the Grace of God!  She had seven children (one of whom was lying on her breast when she died of an apparent heart attack in her sleep).  More bad news...a preacher in a neighboring town got up in his pulpit on Sunday, said, "I quit!" and left.  One of the families that recently joined our church came from his church.  How sad.   Please pray that the Lord will use all of these events to bring people to Him.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, Sister in Christ

I just found your blog and there is no DOUBT in my mind that the Lord lead me to it.The post about the deaf man attending your church just immediately reached out to me in so many ways both my husband and I are deaf but we live thousands of miles away from Arkansas. It is so nice to see a church that is friendly and helpful to someone that is deaf because we have souls too that needs saving . I have had horrible experiences with churches being against us because we are deaf but the Lord has always lead us to a place where we will flourish and grow. It is so good to find your blog as a African American women that just got married and want to take the similar path as your but don't know where to start, it is so nice to see that it can be done. May the Lord bless you and yours.


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