Thursday, August 16, 2012

KHATS 9 / One Joy filled Mama!

Every Thursday night at our church the children quote Bible Verses.  I had previously decided I would start teaching Aaliyah Bible Verses at home when I started her "preschool" just after she turned three (we begin next week).  Sometimes the verses we learn on Thursday are rather lengthy and I didn't expect her to be able to remember them; but last week she surprised us all.  When Pastor asked if anyone wanted to quote the verse she raised her hand.  As usual Dad acknowledged her...we all expected to hear gibborish; but she said in a loud and proud voice, "Third John 1:4. (pause) Third John 1:4.  I have no greater joy (pause)  than to hear (pause) that my children (pause) walk in truth."

She got it and she earned a piece of candy!  I was so proud!  Maybe I am underestimating her abilities again.  I'll have to remember that in the future.  Lesson learned - Your little ones are listening to EVERYTHING that goes on around them and are learning.  Be sure to put Truth in their paths.

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