Thursday, August 30, 2012

KHATS (10) - Make Life Fun!

We went to a carnival in our town and Aaliyah got her face painted.
It was so funny to watch her hold her face perfectly still until she
forgot that it was painted.
In our family my mom was known for making life fun!  Two fun things I remember to this day are ...

1. She always brought home the newest candy on the store shelves. If there was something new and unusual looking; or bright, colorful and sweet she would buy it and bring it home for us to eat.  We always looked forward to her coming home on Fridays because we knew she would be bearing gifts!

2. She made every holiday special.  My favorite holiday as a child was not Christmas; but the Fourth of July.  Mainly because I knew we would be cooking on the grill (I LOVE BBQ!!!), popping fireworks, and going downtown to see the city's fireworks display.  Mom would give us each an allowance and we could go to the fireworks stand and pick out whatever fireworks we wanted. All the cousins would come over and we would go to the country and pop away. At the end of the evening we would all vote on who picked the best.  That was FUN!

I try to make the holidays extra special as well; but I also try and make everyday activities a little more fun/beautiful. I have a couple of ideas I would like to share with you.

1.  Add flowers (edible ones! ie. roses, dandilions, and nastriums), bubbles, and/or fragrance to their bath water.  Just yesterday I added rose petals to the girls bath water.  They loved it!  (I always freeze the flowers my husband gets for me on special occasions and add them to my bath water when I get the urge. Yesterday I decided to treat the girls.)

2.  I bought some bright and colorful plates from Target or somewhere and at lunch I let Aaliyah pick which plate she wants to use.  (Nine times out of ten she picks the purple one!) Simple idea; but she thinks it is great that she gets to eat from her purple plate...and sometimes she will eat something she doesn't really like simply because it is on her purple plate!

Make Life Fun!!!

Until Next Time,

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