Friday, June 1, 2012

Who is this man!?!

My Beloved preaching at Lighthouse Baptist Church
Last night my husband preached an amazing message about prayer!  As I sat in the back with my two little hooligans princesses I was amazed at the preacher and man of God he has become. Anyone who lives in or around Newport and missed that message truly missed something special. When I left the service I felt like I was ready to change in my super soaker for a fire engine and charge the fires of Hell -through prayer- for our Lord.  Of coarse all you blessed ladies who have a husband who is also your pastor probably know exactly what I mean.

My Beloved at home in California

 I married a man of integrity and I am so thankful for that; but I also married a man who truly loves God.  I am not afraid to trust him with my future and with the future of my children because I know that he strives to depend on the Lord to direct his every step.  Because my husband does not like for me to blog about him I will close now by saying I am SO blessed and God is SO good!!!

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