Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Get yourself a good umbrella!
My first piece of advice would be for you to get yourself a good umbrella. No I don’t mean that thing you keep in your car in case it rains! I mean a COVERING. A man in your life who will become a father figure for your children.  In choosing your COVERING I would advise you to choose wisely. This covering will provide you and your children with some authority, stability, and wisdom for your journey as a single parent.

Purpose for your Umbrella:
1. Someone you go to for advice when you have a big decision to make (ie buying a car or home, changing jobs, moving.)
2. Someone to serve as a role model for your sons.
3. Someone with whom you can exercise submission.
4. Someone you can go to for help when you feel your emotions are clouding your mind especially in the case of a Mister right (or Wrong) entering the picture.

It is often hard for women who have been raised by women to easily submit to their husbands, or any man for that matter. This will not only be practice for you; but an example for your sons and daughters. I would like to take this opportunity to say it is very important that you chose someone whom you will obey even if you disagree with him about something. Often as married women we don’t agree or see eye to eye with our husbands on every subject matter or decision; but if we desire the best for our families we will submit to our husbands as the Bible commands. I find in my married life that 9 times out of 10 my husband is right about whatever we disagreed about. There is always that one time; but I believe that the Lord will take care of that and work it out for good if I do right. I chose to call this an umbrella because of what my former pastor's wife taught me.  She said that when we obey our husbands, even when we disagree, it is like we are stepping under an umbrella in a rain storm.  The Lord will bless and protect us from the storm.  I know one young lady who is single who has chosen as her umbrella a  man who is a deacon from another church near her home.  He is a godly, older man with a wife who has become like a mother to her.

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