Thursday, June 14, 2012


Learn to love to read!  Not just read; but research and study.  Unfortunately you can't believe everything you are told; but you can research just about everything you are told.  My general rule of thumb is that whatever someone tells me (doctor, dentist, child psychologist or therapist, teacher, etc.) I want it confirmed by at least two or three sources.  One important topic I would encourage you to research is your family's health.  I have recently began learning about home remedies and growing herbs and the benefit of eating healthy. I must tell you that I am enjoying myself!  A few of the things I am reading now are:

I highly recommend this book!!!  I am now on chapter nine and I have learned SO much.

subscribe to this magazine here.

Subscribe to this magazine here.

As always is the case, I cannot say that I support every single thing any of these books/magazines support; but they have been a great blessing and encouragement to our family.

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