Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ugg! I don't want to go...

This is what I said to my husband at 5:00 in the morning on Saturday when he woke me up.  Our pastor got this brilliant idea that the church needed to go to the Azalea festival in Willmington, NC; and I was brilliant enough to raise my hand and commit to go about a week ago.  Well, we are presently operating with one vehicle and my husband has class every Saturday which starts at 7:00 a.m. - about forty-five minutes away.  Thus, he had to drop Aaliyah and I off at the church at 6:00 in the morning.  I should add that Saturday morning is my day to sleep until I wake up (or until Aaliyah wakes me up!).  I don't set my alarm clock or anything.  I just get up when I get up!

Well, I got up and went...and I had fun.  I rode with the Pastor's wife, daughter, and another young lady in our church and we had good fellowship.  We were able to watch a parade which included women dressed in what I call "Southern Bell" dresses, marching bands (I love marching bands), and many other interesting things.  Once the parade was over, we went to the river and toured old sail boats, some of our group went on a boat ride (we intended to tour the US NC Battleship; but they hiked the price up to $12.00 a person, so we passed on that); and best of all - there was lots of food! (Fairground corndogs, houghies, kettle corn,cotton candy, candied apples,  etc, etc, etc!!! - I would go on; but I don't want to make myself too hungry again.)  To top the trip off, we went to the coast and took pictures by the beach. 

What is my point for this post?  There really isn't one!  I guess if I had to think one up it would be that sometimes it is a good thing to spend time with your church family away from church.  Hoping your weekend was as blessed as mine! 

For more about the Azalea festival click on the link below


P.S. My husband was able to lead a man (an ex-marine, if there is such a creature) to the Lord on Sunday afternoon.  Isn't that great!  His dad was saved at our church about two weeks ago.  They both came as a result of their daughter (and grand-daughter) sending them a tract; then our pastor and another brother visited their home and invited them to our church shortly thereafter. 

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