Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Revival Week

This week our church is in revival.  Dr. James Earls of Baptist Home Missions is the speaker.  Raymond and I are looking at it as our "last charge" before we head to Arkansas.  Thus far, Dr. Earls has preached on Contentment, The Gift that Nobody Wants - Suffering,  and Breaking down Barriers (taken from the account of the woman at the well); and we have truly enjoyed it.  The first message was a great encouragement as well as challenge for me.  As we pack and prepare to head to Newport , I have no idea where we are going to be living (temporarily we will be living in the parsonage of a neighboring church), who be in the church after the present pastor leaves (they are heading to Alabama to plant a church), or where our income will come from; but I am reminded that having food and clothing, I am to be content.

My favorite moment thus far in the revival has to be Aaliyah's introduction to CEF, the dummy that Dr. Earls brings with him every year. (He is a ventriliquist:)  Aaliyah was mesmorized by him; but then the funniest thing happened.  Everyone started laughing at one of CEF's jokes, and I guess Ally thought everyone was laughing at her because she got all excited and started jumping up and down and squealing (like only little girls can do).  It was hilarious!  Learn more about Dr. Earls here.



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