Monday, April 26, 2010

I LOVE Family Days!!!

As I mentioned, last week we were in Revival; so I didn't get a whole lot done by way of packing and such as every evening was filled with bus route and preaching services.  Saturday we planned to make up for lost time; but our plan was altered (and I am glad!!!).  I later found out that my husband intended for us to get up at 6:00a.m. and go to the embassay sweet hotel for breakfast, then go to the arbetorum in Raleigh and enjoy a walk through their 8 beautiful acres of flowers and trees.  Well, we did all that; but we did not leave as early as planned; and we did not get back home as early as planned.  We arrived back home just in time to take a quick nap, eat a bite, then go to prayer meeting.   We had breakfast at the hotel (a wonderful spread of all-you-can-eat breakfast foods!!!), went to the arberetum, had a great time of shopping and taste testing at the Whole Foods store in Raleigh, then a time of great conversation on the ride home.  I will post pictures later for you to enjoy. 

Once again hoping your weekend was as blessed as mine,



raising3princesses said...

I love the pics of you and your baby girl!
An "all you can eat" buffet sounds so heavenly!!!! I miss American restaurants! I {heart} you, Maria

kimberly said...

What a beautiful shot of you and ALB, that should be walking now :D! I think the picture is centered beautifully, the small purple flower to the right ALB's head is a wonderful compliment to her dress & those "two big white puffs" are cute!!!
-One of Bethel Baptist's Photographers : D


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