Monday, April 5, 2010

Garden tip #3 - Know your soil

First, you need to know what category your soil falls in (clay soil, loam, sandy, combination, etc.).   If your soil is mostly clay, you can add some sand and/or garden/potting soil to adjust it. (Clay soil will hold in water which can drown your roots.)  If your soil is sandy (water will not be retained and your plants will be thirsty all the time) you may want to add some clay and/or garden soil.  Perfect soil falls right between the two and maintains proper water levels to keep your plants properly hydrated. Remember that certain plants prefer sandy - clay soil (ie watermelon prefers sandy)so, only adjust in areas needed.
Next, I recommend that you check your soil's pH for maximum growth and yield potential. This will greatly impact your garden. You may need to add some lime  (to raise your pH) or iron (to lower it). A pH of 7 is generally best for most plants.  If you are interested in growing mostly one plant - find that plants prefered pH and aim for it.  If you want to know what your pH should be for a certain plant, email me and I will try and get that information to you.

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