Wednesday, August 31, 2011

She Stole My Purse!

I take the girls with me to the care home next door to the church about twice a week. I play a few songs to let everyone know that we are there, pray, and then I read about four chapters of scripture to those who come. We started out with about four or five people coming. Tuesday we had about twenty in attendance. Some of them come just to hear me play (poor them!); but most of them do stay to hear the reading.

Something interesting happens every week at the care home. This week a lady stole my purse. I was so busy reading that I didn’t even see her take it. She just “wheeled” right up to the table I had it on, took it, and “wheeled” herself back to her room! One of the workers interrupted me and told me what happened. They went and got her and she brought it back. She said, “I just love your purse! I wish I had one just like it.”. I assured her I would tell the lady who made it for me that she liked Mrs. Jackie, You have a fan here in Arkansas.

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