Thursday, August 25, 2011

Housing Update

Yesterday I started reading a book entitled, A Step of Faith.  It is the story of the Durham Rescue Mission.  I was tremendously blessed by the testimony of the founders...they also lived on the second floor of their church with two children!  Well, the official plan is to move in February.  We are still praying for the house on Eastern Avenue and it seems the Lord just may be doing a work there for us. If not, then we will live somewhere else and I will be thankful (smile).  The for sale sign is still not posted in the yard; but it is now listed online.  The Realtor said it is "wrapped up in litigation" (whatever that means) so we might as well just forget about it and look at one of the other houses she has on the market.  I say we will continue to pray.  God has a perfect place for us and until it is His time for us to have it we will just be content and happy where we are.  Thank you all for your continued prayers.

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