Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thank You (1)

I have decided to start a series of letters to friends, family, and such who have been a blessing to me in the past. There are so many people who took an interest and invested in my life as a young person who I never said thank you to because I didn't know just how blessed I was (and still am).  If the Lord allows me to be half the blessing to others as these dear people have been to me I will be grateful. 

The first family I would like to say thank you to is...

The Hardings. 

Bro. Harding was my principle and Bible teacher when I was a Senior in high school; and he taught a few of my classes in college.  He also ministered to my family by way of his Sunday School class at Windsor Hills Baptist Church.  He and his wife were probably the best example of a loving couple I have ever seen.  She adored him and he adored her.  He also made prayer and being sensative to the Holy Spirit real to me.   Recently he was at a church about an hour away from us preaching on a Sunday evening, so after our service ended we went over to hear him.  What a blessing!  If you have not heard of his ministry check it out HERE.  One of the things I remeber praying about when I was praying for a husband was that he NOT be an evangelist.  They are on the road so much of the time and I didn't think that was the "calling" for me.  I would like to say a special thank you to Mrs. Harding for sharing her husband with us.  America needs his ministry.  I needed to hear what he had to say and be challenged to pray for America and be more active politically for my children's sake. Thank you Bro. Harding and Sister Harding for blessing my life!

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