Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yard Sale!

Last Saturday morning I was on my way to the grocery store when I passed a sign that read "Yard Sale".  This was not unusual for a Saturday morning; but I was unusually busy because we had just returned from a trip and I NEEDED to go and get groceries.  It was also unusual because I had money that belong strictly to me (given as a gift from a church specifically to me!).  I had asked the Lord to help me to spend it wisely; and I almost drove right passed that sale; but it seemed as if the Holy Spirit was tugging me that way (VERY unusual!) I stopped, and I am sure glad I did!  I left with two HUGE (50 gallon) tubs of clothes, over twenty pairs of shoes, books and toys for the girls and the church nursery, ect.  Guess how much it all cost? Fifty Dollars!!!  Isn't that great! There were many things at that yard sale that I would never have been able to buy because they were luxeries; but only cost me pennies.  All I can say is Praise God for yard sales adn gifts from others that give us money to spend at them!
Until next time,
Aaliyah in a smart outfit and new shoes from the yard sale.

Another outfit/play clothes

Aaliyah challenging me to play swords. Cassidy is not so sure about my sword.

Two more smart outfits from the sale. Check out Aaliyahs cute shoes.  The lady on far left will be 100 years old this week.

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