Friday, March 25, 2011


I am so happy that Spring is finally here!  Normally this is not the case as my allergies and asthma usually start to act up; but I have had no such problems this year.  My midwife says it's because of preggo hormones and if that is true then I praise the Lord even more for baby beckles #2  - Raymond DeShawn or Cassidy Moret (more-ae) Beckles.  Thus far this has been such an easy pregnancy.  My only "symptom" would be fatigue...this child must sleep during the day and play all night!  I am not complaining though, I REALLY enjoy feeling the life, a living soul, being formed and fashioned by our Creator in my womb.  What a wonderful blessing and privilege it is to be a woman and to be used by the Lord to bring new life into this world.  (Here is where my husband would interject that he had some part in it.  He is really excited about number two as well.)

Right now I am enjoying life as the wife of Raymond D. Beckles, Aaliyah's mother, and pastor's wife, etc.  This past week we were really busy.  The highlights for my week were planting seeds in our garden and attending a ladies meeting (COEBA ladies meeting in Jacksonville, ARK).  I was challenged greatly by the words of Mrs. Jeannete Baldwin, Mrs. Lora Baldwin, Mrs. Hart, and Mrs. Bethany Baldwin.  
Mrs. Jeannete Balwin really challenged me about my love for the Word of God.  She read her Bible through four times last year (for fun!) and her goal is to do it five times this year!  Isn't that wonderful!!! 

My loving hubby is calling me, so I must go; but I hope you enjoy these photos of our precious Aaliyah "helping" me in the garden.

Until next time,



Jessi said...

Tinyla, your little girl is sooooooo cute!

It's Tinyla said...

Thanks Jessi! Aaliyah is such a blessing to our home.


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