Wednesday, March 30, 2011


My baby is growing SO fast.  She is also VERY independent!!!  I am learning very soon to enjoy the times that she asks me for help.  Yesterday she opened the door, went down the stairs, into the sanctuary, and just sang and had church all by herself.  She didn't even ask!  I didn't know whether to be happy or cry.  I was scrap booking, so I just let her stay and enjoy herself until nap time.  I enjoyed the day with Aaliyah; but I wasn't happy initially about having to stay home.  I wanted to go with my hubby into "town" and shop; but he said it wasn't the best day for me to go.  I have no idea why; but this didn't rub me the right way.  I walked around the house upset for a while (remembering my single days when I would just get up and go wherever and whenever I wanted to and even more recently when we had two vehicles and he was at work from 6am until 6pm).  I had to stop and realize that I was allowing the Devil and my flesh to control my attitude and rob me of precious time.  I sat and read my Bible for a while and this verse hit me right in the face - 1 Timothy 5:14.  (my memory verse for this week.)  I am sure I have read this many times before; but I really needed to be reminded of my place as a wife and mother.  I was also reminded of the passage in Titus 2 which covers more about our duties and responsibilities and what our attitudes should be.  Once again I asked to Lord to help me to be not just content; but to thrive and be joyful for the place and position He has put me in.  I really am extremely blessed to be the wife of such a wonderful man and the mother of such a beautiful and sweet daughter.  God truly is good to me...even when I am grumpy!

On another note: This week I noticed that Aaliyah has developed a new skill...she has learned to shake hands at church, and other places.  She woke up from her nap yesterday and instead of my usual hug, I got a handshake.  She is so proud to be able to shake hands with people. 

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