Monday, March 7, 2011

Lost and Found

This past week was not my week!  I found a quarter at the laundry mat, but lost $20 ( My husband thought I had been in a car wreck or something when I got home because I was crying so much about the lost money), I broke my husband's favorite mug, I cut my finger on the toilet lever while trying to get the picture; But PRAISE THE LORD we had a great day Sunday.  Attendance was low; but I really was blessed by who did attend and the messages.  We also had two visitors and one young person respond to the invitation.  I'd like to try and and start posting our favorite meal from the past week.  I thought that would be fun, and it will also challenge me to find new recipes and try them. So read the next post to find out what my husband's favorite dinner was last week.

Until next time,


Aaliyah gets stuck in her toy grocery cart.  I told her not to get in it; but she didn't listen.  Instead of rescuing her and "taking care" of her disobedience,  I decided to let her experience the fruit of her disobedience.  I took a picture, then I rescued her.   (She refused to say "cheese!".)  She doesn't realize she is growing.

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Jessi said...

It is interesting to me to go to your blog. It looks different every time I go there! Do you change the background every week? I really do like the background you have on there now. I will have to send you a picture of Seth getting stuck behind the safe in a hotel room in the States. I did the same thing--took a picture first, then rescued him!


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