Monday, June 14, 2010

Weeks three and four in Newport

Well, we had an exciting month in Newport!  Many firsts and many new faces and names to commit to memory.  Two souls saved -  Praise the Lord! - and one of the ladies and I finally got to plant a small garden (You will probably never see pictures of this looks kind of pitiful right now).  Last weekend I was in Oklahoma for our ten year class reunion so I missed our fourth Sunday at church; and what a Sunday to miss. Raymond and one of the men were blessed to lead a lady to the Lord and we had a record attendance (for us) of 15 children and 8 adults in the morning service.  God is good!  This past weekend - technically our fifth weekend - I experienced a huge blessing.  First, I attended my first ladies meeting in Arkansas.  Mrs. Patterson spoke and we were able to fellowship with ladies from Jacksonville, Newport (4), and Hot Springs.  Second,  I recieved a huge I Love you, Tinyla - from the Lord.  Last week I went to the grocery and I went to buy some eggs.  I saw the brown eggs and wanted them ( I hear they are healthier for some reason); but I couldn't bring myself to spend the extra to buy them; so I thought (I can't honestly say I prayed)...It sure would be nice if I knew someone with chickens and could buy some eggs from them.   Well, as I was working in our pitiful garden this past Saturday one of the men who cuts our church lawn came over to me and said..." You must really like vegetables to be doing this in the heat and amidst Bermuda grass.   I tell you what, I have a huge garden (he is a professional farmer) with banana peppers, hot peppers, zuchini, squash, tomatoes, would you liked it if I dropped some by the church for you?"  (Hallelujah!!!!   - That is what I was saying in my mind - and to top it off, he continued)  I also have some chickens who lay eggs just about everywhere. Would you eat the eggs if I brought them too?  It sure would be a shame for me to throw all those extra vegetables and eggs away. 

Of course you know my answer.  God is So Good!!!!   And to top this weekend off, we had another Sunday of  great attendence for the morning and evening services.  Morning - 18 kids and 5 adults (not including the former pastor's family) Evening service 6 adults, 3 teens and Aaliyah :)  We don't run the route on Sunday evenings.

Hoping your weekend was as blessed as mine,


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