Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blossom end rot

Now is about the time when your tomato and pepper plants are fruiting, but it can be very, very discouraging when you see black spots on the bottoms of your tomatoes and find that the whole thing is ruined.  Blossom end rot is a common problem for those who grow tomato or pepper plants.  Usually the cause is not enough rain or poor oxygen in the soil.  These two issues cause a calcium deficiency in the plant which causes the fruit to be ruinned.  To fix this problem, go to walmart ( or a garden or hardware store) and find a package of BONE meal.  (not to be confused with blood meal - though both are beneficial to these plants).  Follow the recommendations on the bag.  Another good remedy is making sure earth worms are present in your soil.  They help to keep it aerated.  Hope this helps!

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