Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weeks five and six in Newport

Since we have been in Newport:

1.  Three souls have been saved!

2.  Our record number of children in attendance has beeen 23, but twelve have been coming faithfully to every Sunday and Thursday evening service.

3.  Our Sunday evening attendance has gone from four (our family included) to seven (our family not included) with a record of 27

4.  And God has shown Himself strong in the area of providing for our family.

5.  We have had 1 power and water outage

6.  We have spent 18 nights camping in Newport

7.  And last; but not least...we have come to realize that if you are going to be a preacher, missionary, or evangelist, you MUST love church.  Last week alone we went to three different churches and attended six services.

8.  Praise the Lord!!!!

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