Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our Special Guest

Introducing my little three year old niece Devorianna Mishanna Doncha Ceasar (my sister's name is Devoria).  We call her Anna for short.  We were in a conference in OKC and she spent the night with us, and she was such a joy that I asked my sister if I could take her for the next two weeks and bring her back home when we returned for another conference in the area.  She agreed; but with tears.  Understandably!  I let Aaliyah stay with her grandparents in California for two weeks last Christmas...and let me tell ya, that won't happen again (at least not any time soon). 
Honestly, I didn't know what to expect.  Her home is quite different from ours and I didn't know how she would adjust to lets say...having to go to church at least three times a week. (Sometimes we visit other churches in Ark. for fellowship which can come to as much as six times a week.)  No cable television, watching only a few DVD and VHS (she didn't know what a VHS tape was...gasp!) etc, etc.  You get the picture.  Also in our home everyone is expected to obey right away.    Let me tell you, she wasn't the one in trouble most of the time.  My little, sweet, precious Aaliyah got into most of the trouble.  I only had to get onto Anna once or twice the whole time she was here.  How my ornery sister ended up with such a sweet and precious child I will never know. 
Seriously,  I found myself convicted about how little I pray for this dear child.  She absolutely LOVED sitting at the table for all of her meals, taking a nap everyday, and having story/song/prayer time every night before bed.  By the time she left she was praying on her own for anything she ate ("Dear God, thank you for Jesus.  Amen") and singing "The B-I-B-L-E"  word perfect.  If you think of it please whisper a prayer for my little Annas.  She needs the Lord's protection and grace in her life. 
Recently I was able to get in touch with a brother in the Lord who started a church just like ours in the area where she lives.  I was so excited.   this was just one of the blessing we received after attending the conference in Oklahoma. I gave my family's address to this dear pastor and his wife and they will be trying to get them all in church.  My heart will be so blessed if she gets to ride the van to church with them.  I would be even more blessed if my whole family got into church and let the Lord do a might work in their lives.  They all have a tremendous respect for my husband and I; but have not jumped onto the Truth that we embrace.  Once again, Please pray with me about this matter.  Thank you!!!
After her last service with us at church (She just woke up.)

Allie and Anna read a book before naptime.

Her first full day with us we went to the Care home to read scripture. 
You can see on her face that he is unsure about this whole thing.

Anna and Allie sing a special "The B-I-B-L-E" after church.

Annas favorite Sunday dinner.

She is a chocolate fan!... A girl after my own heart.


Jolene said...

Oh boy she is a cutie! And I know that your family is going to have a big influence on her spiritual decisions one day. Keep up the great work, Auntie!

raising4princesses said...

Precious little girl. This post touched my heart.


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