Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

This year has been an extremely busy one thus far.  That is a good thing.  Recently we heard a preacher challenge the congregation to get worn out for the Lord, I think my husband decided to take that challenge.  This past week we had our first ever conference, The Faith, Love and Family Conference, which went extremely well.  Saturday my husband took a van full of our people to a youth rally in Conway, Arkansas while I took the girls to a birthday party.  Sunday was our church's five year anniversary service.  What a wonderful Sunday it was!  We had over fifty and maybe even sixty people in attendance.  I was so busy I didn't take a count; but every pew was almost full!  This week we get a break; but next week we head to Virginia for another missions conference.  Please pray with us that the Lord will bless us with safety to and from the conference and that we will be a blessing to the people of the church we are going to.  This particular conference is special to us because it is the church of the pastor who was my husband's first independent baptist pastor in Marysville, CA so many years ago, Pastor Brad Weniger. 
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A Country Mix said...

What days will you be in Virginia? I'd love to come down and visit with you if you'll have time. (I know conferences can be busy.) You can email me hmix@juno.com or text 330-281-7105! Love you.



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