Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What's that?

Aaliyah is two years and four months old and has entered the "What's that?" stage.  Here is a little snippet of our conversation yesterday while we were reading a book about Creation.

"What's that, Mama?" - an elephant
"What's that, Mama?" - It's a giraffe
"What's that, Mama?" - It's a snake...I think.
"What's that, Mama?" - I don't know Aaliyah.
"Mama, Don't say I don't know!  What's that?" - Well Aaliyah, I dont' know.
"Mama, I told you don't say I don't know.  What's that?"  - It's something.
"Something?" - Yes, something.

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raising4princesses said...

i love this last picture of Cassidy! Those cheeks are so precious! How did I not realize you had a button. I just added it on my blog. Love you, Maria


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