Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Waiting!!! baby yet. I am patiently waiting to meet this little one. My husband thinks it will be some time next week, which is when I am due; but I was so convinced that he or she would come early. We have everything prepared and the Lord willing I will have a water birth. My wonderful midwife dropped the tub by our place last week and my hubby set it up for me. (I will post pictures of the setup when I remember to bring my camera!) I am really excited about becoming a mommy again and I REALLY can't wait to find out if I will be the mother of two princesses or a princess and a prince. With Aaliyah I woke up on the day she was due at four in the morning and started cleaning the carpets in our house, then I scrubbed the couches, then I walked three miles...finally my contractions started and she was born at two the following morning. Maybe I should go find something to do instead of blogging and this little one would come!

Until next time,


raising4princesses said...

I'm on the edge of my seat! Wish I was there with you! Love you, Maria

Jessi said...

I see your baby widget says only four days to go today! Yay!


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