Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lord, My child barks...

Lord, My child that ok?  Our dog Nikitta is Aaliyah's best friend.  Whatever Niki is doing, Alliyah HAS to do...and I do mean everything.  When I take the dog out to "do her business"  Ally follows right behind her and when the dog squats, Aaliyah squats.  You get the picture.  When Daddy comes home, Niki is on the alert and she goes to the window and starts wagging her tail and barking; then Alliyah goes to the window and starts barking (she tried the wagging her tail; but wasn't too successful).  Above is a picture of Niki and Alliyah relaxing.  In case you were wondering, Niki is pretty patient with Aaliyah.  The only things that seem to bother Niki about Alliyah is when she is to close when she does her "solid business" and when she takes her bone and starts to chew it (we try to keep them separated when Niki has her bone because the best dog is still a dog at best!).  I asked the Lord about this. I didn't think it was too healthy for a child to think she is a dog; but He said it was ok.  When number two FINALLY does show up Aaliyah will have a new friend and I think we all will be glad...including Niki!

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