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Please Excuse the evidence of boiled egg around her mouth!

So sorry to have been away so long.  We tried to get Internet at "home", but no one will service us at the church because of some type of weird restriction (both our neighbors have Internet...anyway) so we currently have to travel to get online. 

Pregnancy:   I officially have to add a couple more symptoms to my list - absent mindedness and forgetfulness.  My husband has been "accusing" me of these things for a while now; but I have been in denial ~ can I blame that on the baby too? ~well, when I gave Ally a glass of milk; but forgot to twist the cap on her sippy cup, lost my wallet, then forgot to lock the front door I finally realized that I had lost it.

 The baby is doing great though.  My last two appointments with our midwife have been wonderful.  She did tell me that I need to gain more weight though (I lost a pound from the last two week check up) BUMMER!

  I am learning so much from her!  She is probably the queen of home remedies, or close to it.  The other night I had HORRIBLE heartburn.  So I ate a handful of almonds, just like was recommended, and not even ten minutes later the heartburn was gone!  Great huh!!!  The baby is very active, in fact, his/her heart rate went from 160 to 180 while Tressia (midwife) was checking her (oops!) heart rate. Usually fast heart rates (150 or above) are baby girls.  The baby always gets excited when I lay down. LOL  I have experienced a few contractions, or braxton hicks, but nothing major.

The church:  Things are going well at the church.  Our people are experiencing some challenges; but  we are hanging in there.  One of our members blacked out after visiting her son at school.  They took her to the hospital and found that her kidneys are failing.  She started dialysis immediately and will most likely be taking treatments for the rest of her life. She is 34 years old and has a husband and two children who were very worried; but are doing better now.  Another couple in our church have a three year old son who was taken to the hospital and it was realized that he had double pneumonia and a very low white blood cell count.  They tested him for many things, including leukemia; but the tests came back negative and he is back to his old self now. 

On a little bit of a different note, one of our most faithful members was considering a big move; but changed her mind at the last minute.  A young boy (about 11) had been visiting our services for about a month or so.  He was saved on Thursday two weeks ago.  The following Saturday I went by to visit him and his family only to find that they were moving to Florida that very day!  These instances reminded Raymond and I that we have to make the most of each service because we never know how long we will be able to minister to the people God gives us.

Resurrection Sunday:

We had a great service.  Not many children showed up - they were going to Easter Egg hunts at other organizations - but we had nine who did and all of our regular adults showed up.  One parent dropped her son off which was a blessing to us that she would take that initiative; and that he really wanted to go so he bugged her until she took him.

Our new Home: 
Well, it hasn't happened yet; but I am encouraged.  I really had just decided to just be content with God's provision (wholeheartedly) when my husband came to me and said that he believed we were going to be moving soon.  He also mentioned the very house I had told the Lord that I liked about a year ago.  He even went so far as to take a drive out to see it last Sunday night (that is saying a lot) and it is still on the market.  The address is 1805 Eastern ave and it has so much to offer ....and no pine trees.  I told the Lord that I would know a house was for me when I didn't see any pine trees near by.  Our last home had about ten, and let me tell you...they are work year around.  We would prefer to rent right now; but there are no safe, clean homes to rent in Newport, everything that is worth living in is for sale.  Please continue to pray with us about this.  I was recently challenged once again to pray specifically.  So here it is.  If it would please the Lord I would like to live at 1805 Eastern Avenue very soon.  I have listed the address so that you can pray specifically with me!  Thank you all!

Until next time,



Jessi said...

I'll be praying for you to get that house. So good to hear how ya'll are doing.

It's Tinyla said...

Correction - the address is 1805...someone already lives in 1809:). Thanks!


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