Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Betty Crocker

I Believe homemaking is a noble and challenging career.

I Believe homemaking is an art requiring many different skills.

I Believe homemaking requires the best of my efforts, my abilities, and my thinking.

I Believe home reflects the spirit of the homemaker.

I Believe home should be a place of peace, joy and contentment.

I Believe no task is too humble that contributes to the cleanliness, the order, the health, the well being of the household.

I Believe a homemaker must be true to the highest ideals of love, loyalty, service and religion.

I Believe home must be an influence for good in the neighborhood, the community, the country.

This is to certify that ____________ is a member of the Home Legion dedicated to Good Homemaking for a Better World.

General Mills, Inc. Betty Crocker (her personal signature)

Saw this article somewhere and thought it was such a blessing!  If every woman who used Betty Crocker's recipes had Betty Crocker's philosophy about home it would be a better world!

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