Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Modern Woman

In preparation for our next ladies meeting I have been doing a lot of reading.  I dug out some of my old college books from my Christian womanhood class and found this piece in one of them.  Hope you all enjoy!

Proverbs 31 - Revised For Today
(by Mrs. Patricia Brown)

  • Who can find a modern woman? for her price is equal to that of a man.
  • Her husband had better appreciate her, or she will find a man who will.
  • She will look out for herself and not him all the days of her life.
  • She works willingly with her hands-as long as she gets adequate pay and an appropriate title.
  • She is like the merchant's ships, and eateth only gourmet food.
  • She riseth also while it is yet morning, puts herself first, and then if there is any time left, she will consider others.
  • She considereth a new house and buyeth it (no matter what her husband says).
  • She maketh up her mind and abideth stubbornly by her success manual.
  • She perceiveth that she is good, and that her wants and needs are of number one importance.
  • She worketh hard at the things that are important to her, and sacrificeth all upon the altar of career.
  • She looketh down on those whose priorities are not the same as hers; and vieweth them with disdain.
  • She is not afraid of the snow her her household, that is their problem; and besides, let her husband take his turn.
  • She maketh herself  coverings of tapestry; her clothing is silk and purple, whether they can afford it or not.
  • Her husband may be known in the gates, but no one heareth it form her. In fact, she hath not taken his last name because she is a person in her own right.
  • She maketh fine linen and selleth it, and delivereth her wares to the merchant, who, unlike her husband, appreciates her hard work.
  • Selfishness and greed are her clothing, and she shall be happy right now, no matter what it costs in time to come.
  • She openeth her mouth with feminist propaganda, and in her tongue is the law of sarcasm.
  • She looketh out for herself and stays too busy to worry about her family.
  • Her children love the lady at the day care, and her husband also hath a special lady friend he can talk to.
  • Many daughters have made many mistakes, but thou exceedest them all.
  • To her, rights are all important and beauty is vital, but a woman who disregards the Lord and His plan shall be totally unfulfilled.
  • Give her of the fruit of her hands. and let her own works leave her completely frustrated
  • all the days of her life.

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