Monday, May 14, 2012


Aaliyah is our little songbird.  She wakes up singing.  I love that about her.  This past week she had the hymn "Love Lifted Me" in her head.  It started out as "Love lipp-ed me" and became whatever was on her mind at the time.  The tune was always the same; but the words kept changing.  Yesterday afternoon we were in the garden and Aaliyah found a big stick and started playing it like a cello.  She serenaded us for about fifteen minutes.  I taught her how to curtsy when she was done; but then she felt like she needed to sing something else so she could curtsy again.

My instrument playing is limited to piano and the trombone (which is VERY limited); but I may have to branch out and learn at least the basics of a few other instruments because Aaliyah loves and has shown an interest in a variety of other instruments.  She plays our sink as piano, short sticks become flutes, Popsicle sticks are drums or maracas - you get the point.  Sometimes when I turn the radio on or a CD she will go over and sit near the radio and just listen or sing along.  Raymond and I have talked about it and we want all our children to learn at least the basics of playing the piano; but do any of you music teachers out there have any suggestions? 

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