Monday, May 14, 2012

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary...

Our garden area before we tilled it up.
How does your garden grow!  Every year we are excited about planting time.

My hard working husband
 This year we are trying a couple of new things - corn, stevia, and a few herbs.  My gardening tip is to plant attractive flowers in your garden to attract friendly bugs. Friendly bugs will help pollinate your plants and some can help keep pests away. Here,  here, and here are a few helpful websites about this topic.
I planted a lot of seeds in egg cartons this year.
After everything was planted this is how it looked.
My new thing is to use yarn to keep my rows straight.  These are my onin plants.  Red onion can be expensive so I planed my own this year.
This photo is about a month old.

Planting time for us is over, but I am still waiting for a few things to come up.  In the mean time my goal for my garden is to keep weeds, grass, and pests down.  Our garden is right in the middle of a bermuda grass patch.  Bermuda grass is sort of like cudzu.  It seems the more you pull, the more it grows.  I spend time almost every day pulling up weeds or grass.  It is a lot of work; but it will be worth it!


My husband is an aspiring photographer!
Zuchini squash flower.

More photography by Ray.

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