Friday, June 23, 2017


Dear Praying Friends,
I will be as sensitive as possible. There is a family who attended our church for about 2 years. They have almost all been saved and baptized in those 2 years.; but have not attended faithfully for about 6 months. They are in serious need of prayer! Their son - age 18- is being held in jail for the senseless murder of a police officer. While I am not saying that it is impossible that he is guilty; it is very hard for me to believe that he is the murderer. This act is completely opposite of the type of person we believe him to be. His aunt, who picked him up and very quickly and purposefully drove him to the police station so that he could answer any questions that they had for him, is convinced that he is innocent. The media is saying that he has confessed to the act; but his family says otherwise. I did not speak to him personally; but my husband did yesterday. We are praying for Officer Weatherford ' s family; please join us...but also pray for Tyler ' s family and for the truth to be revealed.
Above all We want the name of CHRIST to be magnified. The Enemy's purpose has been accomplished. He has stolen the peace of a community, he has killed a great man, one young man's life will be destroyed...potentially 2 young mens' lives will be destroyed. May we, the people of God, pray humbly for perfect Justice and Mercy!


Tyler has been released and the true murderer has made a full confession and been arrested; but different rules apply for him because he is a minor. Please continue to pray for the families of all involved.  Even though Tyler has been proven innocent of this crime,  people have made threats to his life.  He was rejected from certain school systems . He is a Senior and will be the only child in his family for generations who will not be graduating from the local high school. He has had to move away from his home town for his own safety's sake. This is such a very sad situation. Thank you all for your prayers.

Until Next Time,


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