Monday, March 2, 2015

The Tooth Fairy pays a visit

Wow!!! has it really been six months since I last posted here? Time flies when you're having fun....or just plain busy.  Life with three is REALLY different....especially when the youngest is a boy who likes to jump off tables and help mama clean out all the drawers in the bathroom! They keep me on my toes.  That being said....
I love spending time with my family!  Here are a few snapshots from our life in the month of February.
Aaliyah's tooth fell out at church and she lost it before she got home.  She put this under her pillow instead and hoped for the best.  Of course, Daddy and Mommy obliged.
Cassidy loves to play on the computer at the library and doing puzzles.
Say cheese.... he signs it instead.  lil' Raymond signs more than  both my girls did at this age (18 months).
Until next time, 

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