Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hair loss and Hormones

I have posted about this before, so lets just consider this an update.  After I have a baby I always loose a lot of hair, mainly around my temples...I am talking slick bald like a baby's bottom.  I usually wear headbands or hats to cover it.  I thought it was just genetics because my aunt who nursed her babies experienced the same thing;  but I may have found the culprit. 

I decided to make it a matter of prayer and about two months after I had DeSean I went into the health food store and told the lady my issue.  She said it sounded like a thyroid problem and recommended I take Kelp supplements (I already had some kelp powder at home!)  I don't know if this was the total problem for sure; but you can see a huge difference.  The first picture is after it started to grow back.  The second shows how much fell out altogether after I started using the kelp.
2011 about six months after Cassidy was born.

2014 five months after DeSean was born.
Hope this helps somebody.
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