Thursday, October 6, 2011

What a week!

(Originally from last week.)
Really it's more like two weeks.  Last week my husband conducted his first wedding.  It was such a blessing to see a young couple desire to be married.  So many people today are content to just shack up.  Then a few days later we went to Kentucky to visit with and preach at one of my husbands old friends and former bus captain's church.  It was a world wind trip and went off without a glitch (anyone who knows us knows that road trips for us are NEVER un-eventful) except for one minor technicallity...we forgot about time change.  We arrived twenty minutes ahead of schedule...or so we thought.  We were really 40 minutes late!  No problem.  Everything worked out fine. 
Raymond and I both celebrated our birthdays and Saturday I took Aaliyah and Cassidy to a duck race at the park.  The race was to benefit the March of Dimes Association.  She had  a blast and she got to ride her first horse!  Cassidy was pretty alert too!  To cap it all off, This past Sunday we had two visitors!  One of our faithful ladies in our church brought her "little cousin" - he is six foot three inches and seventeen years old and wants to be a professional farmer.  She also invited one of her daughters friends.  I have added some photos of the events that I have mentioned. 

Cassidy found her toes!

Aaliyah and the boys in Kentucky in "prison".

"On the road" photo

"Hello" from Aaliyah

Until next time,


Jolene said...

Happy Birthday, dear friend!!!

Tinyla said...

Thanks Jolene...I love Briana's room by the way!


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