Monday, August 2, 2010

Which Gem are you?

The majority of us have taken personality tests (ie. which color are you?, which shape are you?, which purse are you?, etc); but this style of personality test I really liked and found interesting because every gem is desirable and  posses good qualities. This information is taken from the book Grooming the Next Generation for Success by Dani Johnson.  It is a good book and offers some good insight on rearing your children to be the best they can be.

Sapphires tend to be very verbal and loud.  They are fun and wild.  They love loud music and they love to talk.  These "gems" are not usually orderly or on time, but  are very visionary.  They tend to be encouraging and natural motivators. They love to laugh and everything they do has to be fun.  They thrive on encouragement.  They love fun colors and clothes and lots of accessories.  Sapphires are major risk takers and multitaskers.  They love teamwork, popularity, and people. They usually have the most friends and are the most popular and possess strong leadership skills.  They love to help and love to be rewarded.
Weaknesses of a sapphire: They have a hard time focusing (Society would say they have ADD or ADHD) are disorganized, disorderly, late,  and have over-active brains.  Sapphires are over reactors and get their feelings hurt easily.  They commonly struggle with distrust, blame, hatred, malice, resentment, bitterness, and unforgiving.  They tend to wear their emotions on their sleeves and experience extreme highs and lows.  They want to be recognized by you and don't want to disappoints you.

Spiritual gifts:  To motivate and encourage


 Obey the first time.  They have a heart to fulfill the needs of people.  Listen well and love to help and serve. They are warm, sensitive, calm, even-keeled, compliant, honest, loyal, mellow, quiet.  Pearls don't like confrontation and are major peace keepers.  They're most comfortable alone or in small groups.  Tend to be musical and creative.  They usually wear comfortable clothes and earthy colors, or something special that was given to them.  They like the outdoors.  Pearls tend to be touchy-feely.
Spiritual gifts - to show mercy, heal,  intercede, and serve.

Weaknesses:  people-pleasers and can get themselves into co-dependent relationships.  Their feelings get hurt very easily and they are sad when things don't go right with people.  Pearls can be easily taken advantage of and need to have boundaries.

grooming - need to establish boundaries and boldness.

 Pays attention to details, facts, and figures.  Simplify complicated things and solve a lot of problems all at once. They often see solutions other people cannot see and like lists and making plans.  They love puzzles and problem solving.  Emeralds are extreme thinkers, predictable, quiet,  and compliant. Not people-pleasers and very comfortable being themselves.  They are confident and have no problem pointing out what is wrong with a situation.  They can be very direct.  Emeralds like to look nice and naturally keep things clean.  They like schedules and routines and are never late.  Prefer to be alone and like to entertain themselves.  They will do homework by themselves and will rarely ask for help.

Spiritual gifts - teaching, discernment, and wisdom.  have a heart for righteousness with a clear sense of right and wrong. 

weakness - perfectionists.  Usually take longer to finish or start something.  They are not spontaneous risk-takers. Tend to be authoritative and to put people on the defense.  If an Emerald argues with you it must be because they are right.  They are always right and will tell you so.  Usually judged as being cold hearted and insensitive.  Not naturally humble.

Grooming- weak people skills. Teach them that "it is not about perfection; its about getting the job done with results."  This helps them start things and get them done in a timely manner.

Always have to be the head of everything and the best.  They don't surround themselves with other people who are better than they are.  Leaders and have to dominate. They have to win. They are warriors, strong, passionate driven, and have strong desires.  They like to be in authority and take charge.  They are determined, confident, and bold.  Rubies are goal setters.  They have an "It's my way or the highway!" mentality.   They show initiative and take charge.  Rubies are big thinkers and fast.  They have a world shaking and history making mindset.   They want all the best clothes, shoes, and stuff.  They care about name brands and what is popular. They want to be the best in everything they do.  If they can't win, they simply won't play, and they may just say the game is stupid.

spiritual gift - leadership and governing. 

weakness - They are bossy and dominating, and get angry when things don't go right.  They can be manipulative and pushy and perceived as arrogant and cocky.  They can suffer from severe depression.  They are often unteachable and self-reliant.  Often have ego problems. 

grooming - They can become amazing leaders; but you must must reach their heart and teach them how to be teachable.  Groom them to be humble, to serve,, and to be honorable.  Teach them to pull the best out of others instead of competing with them all the time.  Character has to be developed in them.

Spiritual gifts:  to motivate and to encourage

Once again, Which Gem are you? 
(Remember most us probably posses one dominate and one secondary gem's attributes.  Also, this is a long post and I was in a hurry; so please forgive any typos and mistakes.)


Christel Waltman said...

Hi I enjoyed your post on Gems.
I noticed under Sapphire is no weakness or grooming mentioned..what would those be?
Cold you expand or add those?
Thanks and Blessings, Christel

Tinyla said...

Hi Christel,
Thanks so much for visiting me! I will update this post for you to include those items mentioned as I see them.
Thanks again!



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